Human Hair Bundles


Luxury Hair Bundles

When you purchase your human hair bundles from Luxtresses of Jackson Heights, NY, you can be sure that you're getting the best quality luxury hair bundles around. Our human hair bundles come in packages of three, which is usually enough for an entire head when you're adding extensions. We also have the front closures that you need. In fact, some of our luxury hair bundles include the front closures with them. We have several different types of hair and different textures. We have straight, curly and wavy wigs. The texture on all of our human hair bundles is fantastic. You'll get the look that you crave when you shop our bundles. See a list of our bundles on our website at As you can see, you are able to choose between Brazilian hair, Peruvian and Malaysian hair. They are all beautiful; the best one depends on the look that you are going for. Our hair is all virgin, human hair. This means that the hair that you get from us is in pristine condition. It's never been subjected to hot styling tools, it's never had harsh chemicals used on it, and it's never been processed in any way.

Our website also has the accessories that you may be looking for, and it gives you excellent information on how to care for your hair. This includes the types of shampoos and other products that will protect your hair and help it to last longer. We recommend following these instructions in order to get the best from your hair. As you shop on our website, please remember that we are committed to quality and customer satisfaction. We care about each of our clients and their shopping experience. Your new hair will enable you to create the beautiful look that you want, effortlessly.